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These Live Casino resources are designed to offer advanced gambling aficionados a deeper understanding of the casino world, from exploring the intricacies of casino design to scrutinising the current, socially-enabled, live gambling zeitgeist.

Read on for extended articles on various aspects of casino culture: these articles are available as pdf downloads

Creating Compulsion: Casino Design, Architecture and Ambience

Casino Design

Taking casinos as a case study, we demonstrate how architecture and interior design powerfully motivate the behaviour and spending habits of consumers.

Everything from the layout of the casino floor to the ambient music piped through throughout the building is designed to coerce visitors into gambling.

This article explores how casinos create and sustain a unique sensory experience to achieve this purpose.

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Is ‘Social’ The Future of Online Gambling?

Social Gambling Social gambling is a new and lucrative entity in live gambling, allowing players to enjoy real money casino games through social media platforms, but what are the dangers presented by these services?

Detractors have argued that casino-style games on social media pose a threat to minors and stimulate compulsive gambling, while supports point to an exciting new avenue for live gambling with the potential to change the face of the market.

Live Casino considers all these perspectives in an attempt to make sense of social gambling and consider its influence over casino culture at large.

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The Father of British Casinos: The George Alfred James Story

Kingsway Casino

Read the incredible story of the man who brought legally-licensed casinos to the UK and became one of the founding fathers of Live Casino.

From humble origins, George Alfred James emerged as a wildly successful casino magnate. As head of the James Casino Group, George innovated in the distribution of high-quality roulette wheels, booked dozens of famous artists to perform at his casinos and even conquered the high seas by installing casinos in luxury ocean liners

Join Live Casino as we pay tribute to this preeminent gambling entrepreneur.

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UK Gambling on Trial

gambling-ethics-1In this two-part series of essays, doctoral researcher, Benjamin Kirby contributes to key debates surrounding the British gambling industry.

Part One: Ethical Perspectives

Benjamin’s first essay considers gambling in the United Kingdom as an ethical ‘problem,’ discussing the status of gambling as a cultural institution and evaluating the extent to which problem gambling is shouldered by society at large.

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Part Two: Policy Perspectives

In this second essay, Benjamin investigates government policy towards the gambling industry since the 1968 Gaming Act. He demonstrates how public attitudes towards gambling have been operative in shaping legislation.

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