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    Live Casino is the only place you’ll ever need to visit for all your live casino game needs. We have an immense bank of information, all designed to give as much of an advantage as possible. Find a live casino bonus that will help you enjoy the games of Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. We have put together the most comprehensive online resource for choosing where to play.

    New to Live Casino

    Modern technology has opened up a whole new world of casino gameplay and now you can experience casino games as though you were in the casino itself. We have gone through all of the greatest online casinos to find out just what they offer, some even offer several variations of their live games like live roulette express. If you want to find out more about live casino games then read the Live Casino Reviews, we’ll be able to answer any queries you have!

    Live Casino Bonuses

    In the world of online casinos, taking advantage of special offers can be a confusing business, especially as there are so many websites trying to win your custom with bonuses and promotions. But never fear, Live Casino is here!
    Below, you’ll find all the best bonus deals from top live casinos organised by the type of promotion. So for example, if you’re only interested in no deposit or reload bonuses, then you know where to look!

    First Deposit

    This is certainly the most common and beneficial bonus to new players. Sometimes also referred to as a welcome bonus, the vast majority of live online casinos offer this kind of bonus. Basically what happens is that when you make your first deposit with your new live casino of choice, the amount you deposit is doubled, with the casino itself matching the amount you have put down. There will be predefined limits on the maximum bonus you can receive, although this is not exactly stingy and can be up to £300 – £400 in some cases; more usually £100 – £200. Also, this kind of casino bonus is not always a 100% bonus; some casinos actually go above this and offer a 150% or 200% bonus on occasion. A healthy first deposit bonus is always worth looking out for, simply because of the amount of additional funds it can add to your account.

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  • Live Casino Games

    roulette In the world of live casinos there are three games which dominate the landscape; these are roulette, baccarat and blackjack. These are all hugely popular games, however, in the past you would have had to visit a real-life casino to experience the genuine, live feeling of playing the game against other people and a real croupier; but not anymore.

    Live Roulette

    When it comes to live casino gaming, online roulette is by a long shot the most popular game you could find. Online roulette is a mix of the traditional game of roulette and flawless streaming technology. This allows you to play the real game with real dealers without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

    Live Blackjack

    Blackjack has always been seen as the casino game where the player has the best chances of winning, this hasn’t changed with the move to live blackjack. With real dealers and other players to join you, live blackjack feels like the real thing from the warmth of your own sofa.

    Live Baccarat

    All you baccarat fans will already know just how immersive and enjoyable live baccarat is; with live dealers and a real shoe of cards you can always guarantee a good time without having to take a step out of your front door!

    Real-Life Live Dealers

    Now, real life tables and dealers can be streamed into your home both online and on television; so you can experience live casino play without the expense or inconvenience of having to visit a real casino. Witness some of the friendliest dealers available who are willing to have a chat, share a laugh and if you are a newcomer they may even help you out.

    Here you will find great sections for each of these games detailing the history and rules of the games as well as great strategy and tips to help you win and become a successful player. Whether you are a veteran player of these exciting live casino games, a newcomer, a casual player or a professional gambler, these sections can provide invaluable information for players of any experience.

    Huge Choice of Games

    For those of you a little concerned about getting stuck into cash games straight away, check out our reviews section to see where the best places are to play for free. This is a great way to familiarise yourself with the rules and also build up your experience of roulette, baccarat and blackjack without risking any of your hard earned cash!

  • Live Casino Bonuses

    live casino bonuses Bonuses and promotions are a great way of increasing your bankroll at virtually all live online casinos. Competition is fierce amongst online casinos and so many try to entice customers by offering bigger and better bonuses and promotions than their competitors. At we have compiled all the best of these offers from live casinos so you can compare what is available and where you can go for the best giveaways. Most of these offers will end up saving you money or letting you win more.

    No Deposit

    This type of bonus is becoming more and more popular and prominent with live online casinos. Rather than having to make a deposit in order to receive bonus, with no deposit bonuses you simply have to register. The amount you are given to play with is usually only around £5 – £10, although given that this is literally free money, even that is good news. The real benefit of no deposit bonuses is that you get to play the real cash versions of games on a live casino website you are considering signing up with permanently. Although most casinos have play many areas for you to try their software, there’s nothing like playing with the real thing, and no deposit bonuses gives you that opportunity.

    • Name
    • Bonus
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    • Rating

    Matching and Percentage Deposit

    These are varieties of the first deposit bonus. While a matching bonus will ‘match’ your deposit, a percentage bonus offers more than your initial deposit: 150% for example.

    • Name
    • Bonus
    • Type
    • Rating


    Although the two bonuses above are designed to give bonuses to new customers, there are a few types which are aimed at rewarding current players. Casino reload bonuses are the most common type of promotion as far as this is concerned. These bonuses are vary quite a bit from casino to casino, although essentially how they work is to give small deposit bonuses of around 10 to 15% on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Some casinos will even give a bonus every time you make a deposit. Other times, the casino will give reload bonuses on a certain day of the week, or deposits made between certain times of the day or night. Reload bonuses are certainly good for frequent players and worth keeping an eye out for.

    • Name
    • Bonus
    • Type
    • Rating

    Random Cash Giveaways

    Although the different kinds of deposit bonuses are very common with live online casinos, sometimes they just want to mix it up a bit and throw some money your way. These random cash giveaways will sometimes come completely out of the blue, other times you will have to do something to be eligible for the draw, like trying a new game or betting a certain amount during the week. This kind of promotion is often a lot of fun, but is completely unpredictable.

    Regular Updates

    Check back regularly here at to keep an eye on the best bonuses and promotions currently available from all the big dogs in the industry. You do not want to miss out on any promotions that could leave you with a much larger wallet! Why not sign up to our newsletter to make sure that you are always kept up to date on any bonuses and promotions that are on offer?

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  • Live Casino Dealers

    Playing with a live casino dealer brings the reality of a real casino to your televsion or computer. Many live casino dealers have almost celebrity status. These croupiers are available to communicate with players via a text chat faciility. Useful if you have questions about the game or need to clarify betting options. Two of the most popular live casino dealers are Elspeth Pierce and Emma Lee. We thought it would be interesting if we delved into the background of these two croupiers to show you what is behind the face spinning the wheel.

    Elspeth Pierce

    Elspeth Pierce is primarily a TV presenter who works within the fashion industry. Besides presenting shows like QVC she has worked behind the scenes at This Morning on ITV as fashion coordinator. Currently categorising herself as self employed she works for Supercasino as a croupier. The show reel of Elspeth introduces you to how she works in the media. Besides working in Live Casino Elspeth is a lover of animals, voluntary worker and blogger. The blog ‘The Style Academy’ is apparently authored by Elspeth.

    Emma Lee

    Emma Lee is a former childrens TV presenter. She has worked in productions that have been nominated for bafta and RTS television awards. Emma Lee has been involved in waht can be loosely coined ‘Youth TV’. Guests on programs such as Reactive and the Friday Zone include Kylie Minogue and East 17 have been interviewed by Emma. Prior to becomming a croupier for Jackpot 247’s live casino she also worked on the infamous Big Breakfast. The show reel below shows Emma Lee in all her different guises.

  • Live Casino Guides – There is Always More To Learn

    blackjack The most daunting part of playing live casino games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat is learning the rules in the first place. Here you will find our own Live Casino guides detailing not only the rules, but also the history of these casino classics as well as great sections full of hints and tips to improve your gameplay strategy.

    Tips & Insights

    We offer inside hints and tips for live roulette, live blackjack and live baccarat that will, with any luck, tip the balance in your favour! It does not matter whether you are completely new to gambling or an experienced professional; there will be something that we can teach you that can give you a slight edge when you need it most. Do not miss out or you may regret it!

    Helpful Strategies

    Our strategy guides can help with any of the live casino games, whether you are playing cards in blackjack or waiting for the ball to drop in roulette. We provide in depth, tried and tested strategies that will answer some questions you may have about playing in online casinos. These vary from Martingale’s system in roulette or knowing what to bet when you are dealt a good hand in blackjack. So even if you know all the rules and tricks it is worth having a look just to be sure you have as much of an advantage as possible.

    Rules & Regulations

    If you are completely new to live and online casinos, or even if you are new to gambling all together, then you will want to take a look at our in depth guides on the rules of baccarat, blackjack and live roulette. We provide everything you will ever need to know about the games including the rules of the game, knowing what to do during the game and even how to make sensible bets! Everyone should take a look at our rules pages, even if you have been playing for years you could find something that will help you beat the odds.

    Play Free Too!

    When learning these new casino games, it is often a great idea to start by playing in free games with pretend cash just until you get the gist of everything and want to play for real. The good news is, along with our excellent guides, the big three casino games of live blackjack, roulette and baccarat are not incredibly complicated to learn initially and you are sure to pick them up quickly. Even if you do not understand the games right away, you are not losing any money in the free versions so you can try for as long as you like.

    Wagering Requirements

    One of the downsides to casino bonuses, which are generally a very good thing for players, is the presence of wagering requirements – in other words, the small print. Of course, it is unrealistic to expect a casino to give a large first deposit away etc with no conditions to stop the player from withdrawing immediately. This is the reason why wagering requirements exist. These requirements basically state that the bonus money must be wagered a certain number of times before being withdrawn. Sometimes the winnings from bonuses must also be wagered a number of times before being withdrawn also. Although this can sometimes take the edge off bonuses a little, for frequent players, wagering requirements are not really worth thinking about, seeing as you’re going to be using your full bankroll anyway, and when it becomes available to withdraw, you then have the option to do so.

Jackpot247 TV Schedule

At Live Casino we aim to gather all of the most important information necessary to enjoy your casino games. Jackpot 247 also broadcasts its live Roulette games both online and on certain television channels. Below you will find a comprehensive table giving details of the Jackpot 247 TV schedule.

As well as being able to watch Roulette Express, Roulette Nation, Roulette Express Premium and Standard Live Roulette live online 24 hours a day, Jackpot 247 also broadcasts live on Sky Channel 866, Freeview Channel 39, ITV1 and VOX Africa on Sky Channel 218. The various forms of Roulette are played at different times on these channels and full details are given (more…)

Bet365 Mobile App

Bet365 has always been a formidable casino; they’re always offering great deals for their customers and coming up with brilliant ideas for new technologies. Because of this, they’re in their element with their mobile casino app; they’ve even developed a feature call ‘Skrill 1-Tap’ which allows you to deposit money with the touch of one button.

Some other casinos will offer both casino and bookmaker apps, or perhaps even both on the same app. Bet365, however, has put all of their efforts into just the one casino app to make sure you get the best quality they can offer. This includes many bonuses and promotions which are extended form their online casino to the mobile app! (more…)