Live Roulette

When it comes to live casino gaming, online roulette is by a long shot the most popular game you could find. Online roulette is a mix of the traditional game of roulette and flawless streaming technology. This allows you to play the real game with real dealers without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack has always been seen as the casino game where the player has the best chances of winning, this hasn’t changed with the move to live blackjack. With real dealers and other players to join you, live blackjack feels like the real thing from the warmth of your own sofa.

Live Baccarat

All you baccarat fans will already know just how immersive and enjoyable live baccarat is; with live dealers and a real shoe of cards you can always guarantee a good time without having to take a step out of your front door!

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Jackpot 247 Mobile App

Jackpot247 already has a good reputation when it comes to live casino gaming. They host their own live TV roulette channel and also have more live casino games like blackjack and baccarat on their website. Since they’re so experienced in the operations of live casino gaming, it’s not surprising to see that they also have a live casino mobile app.

On their mobile app, you can play many of their most popular games, varying from slots to virtual baccarat and video poker. But the most impressive feature is their live casino app, which allows you to play games with live dealers and a real wheel, all streamed to your mobile! (more…)

Bet365 Mobile App

Bet365 has always been a formidable casino; they’re always offering great deals for their customers and coming up with brilliant ideas for new technologies. Because of this, they’re in their element with their mobile casino app; they’ve even developed a feature call ‘Skrill 1-Tap’ which allows you to deposit money with the touch of one button.

Some other casinos will offer both casino and bookmaker apps, or perhaps even both on the same app. Bet365, however, has put all of their efforts into just the one casino app to make sure you get the best quality they can offer. This includes many bonuses and promotions which are extended form their online casino to the mobile app! (more…)